Microscope - Advanced - Redline Series - Monocular

Microscope - Advanced - Redline Series - Monocular

  • SKU: BM-101

EISCO offers a premium range of educational microscopes. The contruction quality of Redline series is superior and comparable to once high end microscopes but at an affordable cost.

General Specifications
Eyepiece: WF 10x wide field eyepiece. Monocular models have an eyepiece with built-in pointer.
Observation tube: Monocular or Binocular Siedentopf type head, 360º rotatable. Tube length 160 mm.
Nosepiece: Reversed nosepiece for 4 objectives. Ball-bearing mechanism and click-stops.
Objectives: Achromatic color coded DIN objectives. 40x and 100x oil objectives are spring-mounted.
Protection: Built-in protection for specimen and objective.
Stages: 120x120mm plain stage or 130x130mm stage with double layered mechanical X-Y stage are available. Translation range of the mechanical X-Y stage is 70x28 mm.
Focus control: Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment knobs on both sides with 0.002 mm graduations. Friction of focus control is adjustable.
Condenser: Height adjustable Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder.
Illumination: LED 1 watt illumination with internal power supply (85-230V)
Packaging: Complete with spare fuse and dustcover in styrofoam case.

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