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Set 10 BU Organic Chemistry Kit

SKU CH0874
One joint size 10/19. This set contains 22 items with 10/19 ground joint for maximum versatility. Over 20 standard assemblies can be constructed from simple reflux to fractional distillation. Designed for quantities starting material upto 15 g Housed in diecut foam lined box.

Consists of
1 Liebig condenser
1 Dropping funnel, 20 ml
1 Flask, pear shape, 25 ml
1 Flask, three neck, 25 ml
3 Flask, round bottom, 5 ml
1 Air leak / steam inlet
1 Thermometer -10°C to 250°C
1 Dropping pipette
1 Rubber teat
1 Receiver adapter
2 Stopper
1 Still head
1 Air Condenser
1 Filter funnel
1 Receiver tube
1 Willstätter nail
1 Gas inlet tube
1 Drying tube
1 Stirrer
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