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Full Disarticulated Human Skeleton - Life size

This model is a premium, medical quality anatomical model made of a durable plastisol polymer design to be easily cleanable and withstand high temperatures. Cast from a real human skeleton, each bone features realistic bony landmarks, providing incredible realism & detail.
Extraordinary amount of anatomical details represented including 200+ bones and structures. Includes all left and right side bones. Articulated left hand and foot , and fully disarticulated right hand and foot. Very detailed, medical quality anatomical model skeleton with bony landmarks. Three piece skull can be opened to explore internal bone structures. Removable mandible is attached by a compression spring for realistic movementIncludes external acoustic meatus. Excellent for patient or classroom demonstration. Disarticulated pieces, including a full set of vertebrae and discs allow for detailed study of the human skeleton.

*The skull does not include nasal bones. Skeleton is not meant to be assembled and does not come with a stand.
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