Van De Graaff Generator - Premium

Van De Graaff Generator - Premium


Finally an all inclusive, high-power van de graaff kit. Generates 200,000 - 400,000 volts depending on humidity levels.

Kit includes demonstrations that cover all aspects of electrostatics such as charge conservation and transfer, Triboelectric Effect, conductors, insulators, Ionization.

Kit includes, van de graaff, discharge wand, dust cover, Faraday's pail, perspex cylinder, head of hair, point dis-charger, neon bulb, electric whirl, Pillar with suspended metal sphere, and comb, as well as an activity guide that explains how to use all attachments.

  • Precision machined dome bracket to ensure easy fit and aluminum 250 mm dome
    mounting to collect charge
  • Grounded base mount discharge wand which can be removed
  • 3 Speed Adjustable Motor
  • Dome Diameter - 9 inches, Discharge wand diameter - 4 inches
  • Typical Discharge arch is 2-8 cm.
  • Full instruction guide for assembly, trouble shooting, pedagogy, and student

Supplied with accessories.

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