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Heat & Thermology Kit


A complete kit containing essential components for teaching basicprinciples of heat. Very useful for demonstrations to students important topics like thermometer, evaporation, condensation, conduction in liquids and solids, heat radiation and absorption. Supplied with manual.Kit includes :Rail, 180mm (1)Pair of feet for rail (1)Clamp Sliders (2)Pair of rods, 330mm with drilling and 200 mm with threadSupport Clamp (1)Bosshead with slit (2)Retort ring 30mm (1)Retort ring 70mm (1)Paddle wheel (1)U-shaped Heat conducting rods, Copper, Glass, Aluminium, S.S. (1)Metal gauze (1)Alcohol Burner (1)Grad Cylinder, 25ml (1)Beaker, 100ml (1)Conical Flask, 100ml (1)Metal axis, 125mm (1)Convection Tube (1)Thermometer -10 C to +110 C (1)Set of White & Black Conical Flask (1)Bimetallic strip (2)Set of 5 sheets AL. foil (1)Glass Tubing, Straight, 50mm (1)Glass Tubing, Straight, 200mm (1)Glass Tubing, Straight with nozzle (1)Glass Tubing bent, 50mm (1)Glass tubing Capillary (2)Rubber stopper 24/19 with drilling (1)Rubber Stopper with drilling (2)Dyer (1)Test Tube, 150x18mm (1)Hose, 300mm (1)Clamping Bushings (2)Metal Body, Aluminium (1)Student's Calorimeter (1)

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