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Human Skeleton Model, Half Size - With Nerve Endings - Hanging Mount - Incredible Detail for Anatomical Study - Eisco Labs

  • HALF SIZE SKELETON MODEL || Half sized human skeleton model stands 34" tall - Includes key card for identifying and studying the various bones that make up a full skeleton
  • NERVE ENDINGS || Quality hardware allows for easy movement of major joints, nerve endings are visible for advanced nervous system investigation and the mandible is articulated and removable for closer study of jaw, teeth and internal structures. Arms and legs can be removed for storage and study
  • INCREDIBLE REALISM || Model features realistic details, textures and bony landmarks - providing an incredible amount of realism for examining the human skeleton
  • HANGING MOUNT || Skeleton model is mounted on a sturdy hanging stand
  • DURABLE POLYMER CONSTRUCTION || Made of durable and sturdy plastisol polymer. This washable model is easy to clean and will hold up to years of handling

The detailed miniature 3D rendering of the human skeleton is ideal  for studying the structure and function of the many bones of the  human body. The skeleton model is suspended from a hanging base,  allowing for the freedom to rotate and study it easily. The model is  extremely detailed, including a different coloration of costal cartilage,  and provides an excellent overview of all of the bones in the human  body. This model provides a visually and effective method for studying  the structure and function of the human skeletal system and its small  size allows for easy manipulation and storage.

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