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4cm Mesozoic Ammonite Fossil Replica, Perisphinctes

  • Fossil replica of an ammonite from the Mesozoic measuring approximately 1.5" (4cm)
  • This fossil replica is made from a resin designed to last through heavy classroom and laboratory use
  • Ammonites like this one swam through the ocean while dinosaurs roamed the earth
  • Perfect for use in the classroom during lessons on fossils and paleontology
  • Ammonite shell segments can be counted to determine the age of the animal

Ammonites grew their shells from calcium carbonate, and grew constantly throughout their life span. A relative of octopi and squids today, ammonites swam through the open ocean, preying on smaller marine animals. This fossil replica is perfect for lessons on paleontology and geology. It's also great for use in a fossil dig activity.

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