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Microscope Slide Set - General Set No. I, Set of 25

SKU BI0277
Set of 25 Slides of animal, plant and mineral materials.

Set of 25 Slides of animal, plant and mineral materials.Letter “E”, Pinworm-WM, Natural fibres-WMMosquito-WM, Synthetic fibres-WM, Fly head-WMSilk thread, Honeybee head-WM, PollenGrains-WMHoneybee Pollen leg-WM, Hair-3Types-WMMitosis onion root tip, Human blood-SMRBacteria-3 types-SMR, Straited muscle-WMBasswood Stem-2 year-CS, Rabbit Tongue-CSCorn stem-CS, Smokers lung-SECOnion root tip mitosis-LS, Amoeba-WMLeaf epidermis-WM, Yeast-WM, Lily bud-CS,Bread mold-WM
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