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Microscope Slide Set Introductory Set No. III, Set of 25

SKU BI0279
Bacteria-3 types - SMR,
Typical plant cell Amoeba-WM
Hydra, plain-WM, Paramecium-WM
Obelia colony-WM, Volvox-WM
Animal cell-WM, Anabaena-WM
Earthworm-CS, Spirogyra, vegetative-WM
Fly head-WM, Bread mold, sexual-WM
Mosquito-WM, Yeast budding-WM
A scaris female gonads-CS,Dicot root-CS
Liver L.S., Onion root tip-LS, Mammal spinal cord-CS
Monocot/dicot stem-CS, Muscle-2 types-WM
Leaf epidermis-WM, Human blood-SMR, Dicot leaf-CS
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