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EISCO Comprehensive Basic Electricity Kit (3 Part Kit)

  • Enables the teaching of various topics related to electricity
  • Extremely flexible alternative to a circuit board
  • Great for Grade 6 through 12 classrooms
  • Included trays keep the units organized
  • Components mounted on tough, yellow plastic bases

Includes: Primary Electricity Kit A
Six cell holders (without cells), six bulbs in holders, three press switches, three two-way switches, 18 connecting leads, Primary Electricity Kit bookletPrimary Electricity Kit B
20 Replacement bulbs, four va

Electricity kits for a range of student skills.

The Basic Electricity Kit is a low-cost, attractive and flexible alternative to the “circuit board” approach for investigations into simple circuits.

Each component such as a switch, rheostat, bulb holder, etc., is mounted on its own individual plastic panel with 4mm sockets. The panels are then formed into circuits by using 4mm stackable leads. Because this is “real circuit making,” this kit is great for grade 6 through 12 classrooms. It is very comprehensive and flexible. Each kit is supplied in two polystyrene trays that keep the units organized.

Designed as a resource for the teaching of introductory electricity, these kits include well-structured instructional material and robust components mounted on tough, yellow plastic bases, each with two 4mm sockets.

Kit A is for a group of up to six students, while Kit B contains additional items and consumables that could be issued by teachers as required. Only one Kit B is necessary per classroom or lab.

A Teacher's Manual is included in Kit A that introduces each item of equipment and a range of tasks and investigations. Topics covered include: bulbs and cells, switches, electromagnets, motors and buzzers.

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