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Plant Mitosis Model, 18 Inch - Three-Dimensional - Mounted

SKU BM0038
  • Mounted model contains 3D lifelike designs of the phases of mitosis in a cell
  • Model is built on a sturdy MDF backboard and made from custom molds
  • All phases represented with 3D cell representations cut laterally to show inside cell
  • Each cell phase and key details are clearly numbered - Key located at base of model backboard - Each cell has hand-painted chromosomes with vibrant colors to show the chromosomal movement taking place
  • Great for using during demonstrations in the classroom - Painted with eco-friendly paint - Designed by subject matter experts

10 individual models mounted on an 18" x 15.5" base show the phases of the cell division of a plant. Mounted onto a durable, sturdy MDF backboard. All phases represented and cut laterally to show the inside of the cell. Each cell phase (interphase, early prophase, late prophase, metaphase, early anaphase, mid anaphase, late anaphase, early telophase, late telophase and daughter cells) is labeled with a key located at the base of the backboard. Chromosome, nucleus, nucleolus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, nuclear membrane, centromere, chromatids, chromosomal fibre, continuous fibre, interzonal fibre and spindle are all labeled. Each cell also has painted chromosomes to show the chromosomal movement taking place.
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