Demonstration Transformer in Gratnells Tray

A large scale transformer, ideal for classroom. The coils are fitted with intermediary outputs providing many transformation ratios. Consisting of • 1 magnetic circuit made up of highly permeable U-shaped metal sheeting which can be closed via two clamps with tightening screws. • Section: 40 x 40 mm Length 150 mm Height 170 mm • One coil of 6000-turns, I max: 0.2 A. intermediary 2000-turns output. • One coil of 600-turns, I max: 2 A. mainly used to create the transformer primary. Provided with power supply cable. • One coil of 1200-turns. I max: 1.25 A. fitted with intermediary 300 and 600-turns outputs. • One coil of 72-turns, I max: 12 A. has intermediary 6, 30, 54 and 66-turns outputs
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