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Eisco Heavy Duty Demonstration Transformer with 4 Coil Units, Step-Up and Step-Down

  • Demonstrates both Step-up and Step-down transformers
  • Heavy duty transformer core stands 16 cm tall assembled and is 4 x 4 cm in cross section
  • One primary coil with 600 windings
  • Three secondary coils with windings ranging from 6 turns to 6000
  • Demonstrates voltage change from 0.01x to 10x

The Eisco Heavy Duty Demonstration Transformer with 4 Coil Units allows students to study not only how transformers work, but also study several different properties of induced magnetism. This kit consists of a metal base, a heavy duty laminated iron core, mounting fixtures, and four coils protected in impact resistant plastic, safe to be handled each with dimensions 12 x 9 x 7cm. Topics that can be covered using the demonstration transformer include Lenz' Law, Faraday's Law, how iron cores increase magnetic field strength, and electromagnetic induction itself. This versatile piece of equipment can also be used to teach about how power companies use transformers to modify the voltage in power lines and carry electrical energy. Unit is powered using supplied power cord. Kit Contents: U-shaped Transformer Core Base Transformer Core Bar 1 Primary Voltage Coil (600 turns) 1 Step-down Secondary Voltage Coil (6, 30, 54, 66, 72 turns)

  • 1 Step-up Secondary Voltage Coil (2000, 4000, 6000 turns)
  • 1 Step-up/down Secondary Voltage Coil (300, 600, 1200 turns)
  • 2 Transformer Core Clamps
  • Power Cord
  • Height6
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