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Beauchene Skull Model - 22 Parts, Mounted on Stand - Natural Size

  • BEAUCHENE MODEL || This "exploded" skull is disarticulated at the sutures and mounted in place for in depth study
  • ANATOMICALLY CORRECT REPLICA || Anatomically accurate structure. Model is life size and features a natural color. Measures 12.75" tall and 8" wide and long
  • REALISTIC DETAILS & TEXTURES || Model features realistic details, textures and bony landmarks - providing an incredible amount of realism for examining the human skeleton
  • GREAT FOR STUDENT STUDY OR PATIENT DEMONSTRATION || This model is ideal for individual study but can also be used as a resource for patient demonstrations
  • SEMI-ADJUSTABLE PARTS || Exploded bones are mounted but are semi-adjustable to allow the pieces to be fully studied

This Beauchene, or "exploded" skull model of a human provides an incredible amount of realism and detail for examining the human skeleton. Features natural coloring and is anatomically correct in size. Each of the 22 parts in this incredible model feature realistic textures and bony landmarks, making this an excellent tool for students. Semi-adjustable parts allow the piece to be thoroughly studied.

The model and mount measure 12.75" in total height. Model measures approximately 8" long and wide. Base measures 4.75" long and wide, and approximately 0.75" tall.

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