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Eisco Science Fair Kits, Light Sensitive Bristlebot Kit

SKU GP00022
  • Explore a simple feedback circuit analog of bacteria. The bot randomly explores its environment until it finds enough light - then it rests
  • All components included with detailed, illustrative instructions and pedagogical materials. (Scissors required but not included)
  • Team up with your friends to explore group behavior
  • Exploration of the kit takes about an hour, including assembly


Humans are complex organisms with highly evolved nervous systems. But believe it or not we are not the dominant species on the planet. In terms of both numbers and mass, bacteria take that award by a landslide. Bacteria have no brain and flagella provide their only motive force, so how are they able to succeed so stunningly? Turns out that they use random motion enhanced by analog feedback. This kit includes components for building a simple light-based bacteria model based on the bristlebot design. The bot moves randomly when there isn't enough light. When it wanders into a region with enough light it slows down and stops. In a classroom setting multiple bots will compete and will bounce each other out of the lighted region.


Included in Kit:

  • Toothbrush head (2)
  • 25 pin micro breadboard
  • 2N3904 NPN bipolar transistor
  • CR2032 3V Lithium coin cell battery
  • Micro 3V DC vibration motor
  • 5539 photoresistor
  • Permanent mounting tape 1“x2“ 
  • Single-use superglue tube (0.07 oz)
  • Adhesive-backed googly eyes (4)
  • Bare metal paperclip (2)

Required (not included):

  • Scissors

Optional Equipment (not included):

  • Digital Mutimeter (PH1121B)
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