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Physics Electronics System Set, 18 Pieces

  • Electronics systems kit allows multiple electronic samples to be build for educational proposes.
  • Electronics kit comes with plastic case and lid to keep all contents organized.
  • Endless Topics can be taught, great equipment kit to outfit a new physics classroom or boast an old one

Includes: 1 Systems kit

Electronics systems kit allows to following:

Build a forward basis diode
Build a half wave rectifier
Build a Zener Diode
Using a transistor as a switch
Measuring power gain with a PNP power transistor
Infrared Diode and Phototransistor
Light Dependent Transistor
Temperature Dependent Resistors
Silicon Controled Rectifier
TRIAC - Thyristor

Contains the following pieces along with plastic case with lid:

Board for Electricity and Electronics 1
Si Diode 2
Zener Diode 1
Red LED Diode 1
Green LED Diode 1
Infrared (IR) Diode 1
Photoresistor 1
Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) 1
NTC Resistor 1
PTC Resistor 1
NPN signal transistor 1
PNP signal transistor 1
NPN power transistor 1
PNP power transistor 1
Silicon Controlled Resistor (SCR) 1
Unijunction transistor (UJT) 1
InstructionsNo instructions available online. Please contact us for further assistance.
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