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Eisco Sensors Handheld


The Eisco sensors platform was designed for the classroom with ever-changing needs in mind. Users can select from three different operational settings, allowing you to tailor the platform to your unique experiment needs.

This handheld unit is the center of the system.  Any Eisco sensor can be connected to it, and it in turn can be used stand alone, tethered to a computer, or streaming data wifi to any device.

- Built in ambient temperature sensor.
- Full color touch screen
- Internal rechargeable battery


Handheld Mode, as the name implies, allows students to collect and analyze data directly onto the Eisco Sensors Base Unit while on the move. This setting allows students to hone their scientific skills with as little restrictions as possible.


USB Mode is an alternate option for analyzing data on a larger screen.  This is especially helpful for teachers who are reviewing results with the class post-experiment.  The Base Unit connects directly to a computer where experiments can be uploaded and analyzed.


Wi-Fi Mode, is accessible with the purchase of the Eisco Sensors Wi-Fi Module, and allows data to be streamed directly to laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  Wi-Fi mode is extremely helpful for collecting field or classroom data without the need to interact directly with the Base Unit.


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