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Bubble Rock - Grow Your Own Crystals (Comes With 2 Pieces and Instructions)

  • Grow your own crystals on the "bubble rocks" with a simple experiment
  • Included are two samples of the bubble rock (a gray limestone) and instructions on how to perform the experiment
  • Experiment takes approximately 1-2 weeks to complete, making it easy to track the growth of the crystals
  • Crystal formations grow differently each time
  • Perform the experiment with a class of students, or on your counter at home

"Bubble rock" is a carbonate rock that, when immersed in a weak acid like vinegar, undergoes a chemical reaction. This reaction causes some of the rock to dissolve and recrystallize, growing crystals on top of the specimen.

This pack comes with two samples of the bubble rock and instructions with which to perform this experiment. The process is simple, and takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

Each sample of bubble rock is around 2 inches long. Great for use in a classroom to teach crystal formation and growth, and is also a fun science experiment for the home or science fair.

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