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Pocket Reference Fossil Card with 8 Identified Specimens, 1cm Each

  • Handy 2.5x3.5" card featuring 8 common fossils for quick comparison and identification
  • Each specimen is an authentic fossil, collected from various points in geologic time
  • Fossils are glued securely to the card, which is made from sturdy cardstock
  • Makes for a quick, convenient reference when fossil hunting in the field, or simulating a dig in the classroom
  • Each fossil card is built in the United States

Whether you're hunting for fossils in a stream bed or in your sandbox, it helps to have a quick reference handy. This 2.5x3.5" card features 8 common fossils that can be found in most regions.

The card is built from robust card stock, and each sample is carefully glued on. It's perfect for on-the-fly identification and comparison, and is an effective tool in geology and paleontology lessons for primary- and elementary-level students.

Each card is built with care in the United States.

Featured Fossils:

  • Ammonite
  • Brachiopod
  • Bryozoa
  • Crinoid Stem
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Gastropod
  • Shark Tooth
  • Wood (Petrified)
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