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Eisco Sedimentary Rocks Kit - Contains 12 specimens measuring approx. 1" (3cm)

  • Kit contains twelve sedimentary rock samples and a specimen key
  • Retell the depositional history of these sedimentary rocks based on their grain size and composition
  • Great classroom tool for sedimentary rock classification and identification
  • Samples contained include bituminous coal, breccia, conglomerate, dolostone, rock gypsum, gray and fossiliferous limestone, red and white sandstone, argillaceous and carbonaceous shale, and siltstone
  • Samples are numbered and stored in a sturdy, sectioned container for easy access and safe keeping

Sedimentary rocks form from the deposition and lithification of rock grains that have been eroded or transported. The size and shape of the grains can be used to identify what kind of environment would have formed a particular rock. This kit contains 12 numbered specimens and a specimen key.

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