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Whirling Table - Hand Crank Rotary Motion

  • Apparatus consists of a hand-turned wheel, belt-driven pulley and chuck adaptor, all secured to a 1" thick MDF frame
  • The Whirling Table can be used in physics experiments to demonstrate centripetal or centrifugal forces, for rotating a Newton color disc or Savart wheel, or powering any rotating device with an axle
  • The wheel can be cranked in either direction for producting either clockwise or counter-clockwise motion
  • The apparatus is fitted with an adjustable chuck for mounting axle-driven devices. Includes a chuck key for tighting and loosening
  • Whirling Table can be operated in either a vertical or horizontal position

The Whirling Table is suitable for a wide range of applications needing a hand crank driven shaft such as physics demonstrations, photography, product display, and artistic installations. Cranking the wheel turns a belt that spins an adjustable chuck for mounting axle-driven devices such as a Newton color disc, Savart wheel, or pottery table. Supports bi directional rotation. Includes a chuck key for tighting and loosening and a 7.75" long threaded extension rod. Size: 21"L x 7.5"W x 7"H.

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