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Eisco Garage Physics Magic Blocks Kit

SKU GP00005
  • Explore basic mathematical operators and concepts using wooden blocks
  • Kit is designed for all ages of children, from youngsters to high school
  • Contains 9 rectangular blocks of steadily increasing height, pen, labels, and instructions
  • Hands-on activities aid in the conceptualization of abstract mathematical ideas
  • Instructions contain activity guidelines segmented by age group

We’ve designed this kit to enable an engaging back and forth for every age of child. Young children can use the kit to explore the natural numbers. Elementary school children can use them to investigate addition, subtraction, multiplication, as well as units of measure, and the associative property. They can also try to solve simplified versions of the magic square puzzle by trying to make two stacks, three stacks, or five stacks of the same height. Middle school students can use the puzzle to explore the magic square in depth (in which all rows, columns and the two diagonals should stack to the same height), as well as arithmetic sequences (including the first few elements of the Fibonacci sequence). Beyond working out the complete solution to the magic square, high school students can use the kit to explore counting in binary up to 15 and, in classroom settings, counting in ternary up to 26.

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