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Scientific 1 Liter Ice Coffee Drip Brewer, Less than 1 drip/second

Take coffee to an entire new, quantitative level.  You control every parameter than can affect taste, from drip frequency to surface irrigation of ground beans.  This all inclusive kit is perfect for brewing the perfect cup of ice coffee to winning every science fair contest by scientifically brewing coffee.

The heart of the brewer is the 1 Liter, Controllable Drip Dispenser.  (Pear Shape Separating Funnel with PTFE Stopcock).

Drip rate is controllable from less than 1 drip per second to continuous flow.

Kit Contains: Borosilicate Separating Funnel (1), Stopper 29/32 Socket Size (1), Heavy Duty Orthogonal Bosshead (2), Cork Lined Flask Clamp (2), 7.5cm Ring Clamp with Bosshead (2), 20cm Buchner, Porcelain Funnel (1), 40” Stainless Steel Rod (1), 12” heavy duty base (1), 500ml Beaker Mug (1), 600ml beaker (1)

 User needs to provide their own ground coffee (medium grind recommended), #6 size filter, ice, and H2O.

500ml of strong slow drip coffee typically takes 8-12 hours to brew.

Dimensions: 42" X 12" X 12", 15 lbs.

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