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Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer - 7"x7" Ceramic Top - Digital Display - 5000mL Capacity - Max Temp 400°C - Stir Speed 100-2000 rpm - Includes Rod & Clamp Assembly, Temperature Probe, Stir Bar

  • Features large 7x7" durable, easy-to-clean ceramic top for efficient and uniform heat distribution
  • Powerful 650W heating element for quickly reaching and maintaining a maximum temperature of 400°C with accuracy within 0.5%
  • 5,000mL maximum stirring capacity at 100 - 2000 rpm. Includes stir bar
  • The Hotplate Stirrer comes equipped with a clear, easy-to-read digital display of the set temperature, actual temperature, over-temp alarm, stirring speed, auto tuning presets, and other relevant parameters
  • Includes temperature probe for precise, real-time temperature monitoring directly within the sample. The included Rod & Clamp Assembly can be used to securely hold the probe or any other apparatus above the plate

Experience exceptional heating and stirring capabilities with the EISCO Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer. Whether you are conducting research, educational experiments, or industrial processes, this reliable and feature-packed instrument will become an invaluable tool in your laboratory.

Efficiency and Uniform Heat Distribution: Features a durable and easy-to-clean ceramic top that ensures efficient and uniform heat distribution. With its excellent heat transfer properties, this ceramic top enables consistent heating across the entire surface, minimizing the risk of temperature variations or hotspots.

Powerful Heating Element: Equipped with a powerful 650W heating element, this hotplate stirrer rapidly reaches and maintains a maximum temperature of 400°C. With an accuracy within 0.5%, you can rely on precise temperature control for your experiments or processes.

Impressive Stirring Capacity and Speed: With a maximum stirring capacity of 5,000mL, this hotplate stirrer can accommodate large volumes of liquid samples. The adjustable stirring speed range of 100 - 2000 rpm ensures efficient mixing and thorough distribution of substances within the sample. As a bonus, a stir bar is included to get you started right away.

Clear Digital Display and Controls: The digital interface provides real-time information about the set temperature, actual temperature, over-temperature alarm, stirring speed, and auto tuning, enabling precise control and monitoring of your experiment parameters.

Temperature Probe for Real-time Monitoring: For precise and accurate temperature monitoring directly within your sample, this hotplate stirrer includes a temperature probe. With this integrated probe, you can closely monitor and adjust the temperature as needed, ensuring optimal experimental conditions.

Rod & Clamp Assembly for Convenience: A practical rod & clamp assembly is included to securely hold the temperature probe or any other apparatus above the plate, providing stability and flexibility for your experiments.

Reliable and User-Friendly: Backed by EISCO's commitment to quality, this magnetic hotplate stirrer is built to be reliable and durable. It is designed to withstand demanding laboratory environments and frequent use, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Plate Material: Ceramic coated metal
Plate Dimensions: 7"x7"
Heater Power: 650 W
Max Temperature: 400 degrees Celcius
Stirrer Speed: 100 - 2000 rpm
Max Stirring Capacity: 5000mL
Accessories: Rod and clamp holder, temperature probe, stir bar
Dimensions: 11.7"L x 7.5"W x 5"H
Input: 110/120V AC, 60 Hz

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