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Microscope Slide Set - Beginner Set of 50 slides


Animal Cell - Typical, Animal Mitosis, Plant Mitosis, Plant Cell - Typical, Bacteria Types, Euglena, Spirogyra, Amoeba, Volvox, Paramecium, Mushroom, Bread Mold, Penicillium, Embryo, Pollen, Root, Fern Root, Leaf, Leaf Epidermis, Herbaceous Stem, Fern Rhizome, Fern Sporangia, Moss Archegonial Head, Woody Stem, Flower Bud, Moss Antheridial Head, Obelia, Skin, Nematode, Intestine, Human Sperm, Human Blood, Skeletal Muscle, Water Flea, Chick Embryo, Cartilage, Areolar Tissue, Earthworm, Flatworm, Bone, Frog Blood, Fluke, Insect, Sponge Spicules, Hydra, Simple Cuboidal Epithelium, Leech, Mammal Ovary, Nervous Tissue, Mammal Testes


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