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Neulog Sense Arduino Adaptor

  • Neulog Sense Arduino adaptor allows anyone to plug an Arduino board into their sense robot to open Sense to all the possibilities created by the Arduino platform
  • Neulog Sense required to work with the Sense Arduino adapter
  • Sense is a STEM computer programing and engineering learning platform. A student from the age of 8 years old can begin programming sense via visual block programming (free for download) and then solve any challenge imaginable by plugging various sensors, coding modules, or robotic parts into sense.
  • Once a student grasps the fundamentals of visual programing they can then purchase modules to program in a variety of other languages such as C and Python. Sense will provide STEM and coding education from ages 8-21.

Expand Neulog Sense bot the world of DIY Arduino using this module which allows integration to Arduino sets and board to the Sense bot. It is recommended that this module be used with the Sense Bot as well as the CARM202 module so that you can program in the C language.

InstructionsNo instructions available online. Please contact us for further assistance.
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