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Neulog Sense Make - A Build and Program Your Own Robot System

  • Sense make is for the DIYer or advanced student who would like to design their robot, build it, and program it from scratch.
  • The ROBO206 included has 3 input for connecting switches and sensors, and 3 outputs for connection of lamps, motors, indicating LEDs, push button switch and USB mini connection for data transmission from the PC to your robot. Neulog sensors can also be plugged directly into ROBO206.
  • The coding interface can be downloaded free of charge on the Neulog site as indicated in the SENSEMAKE package.
  • SENSEMAKE connects directly to your PC via ROBO206 and a USB cable. ROBO206 can be used as USB module for Neulog sensors with Neulog software


Sense make is great for advanced students, maker spaces, robot competitions, or the home DIY person that wants to design, build, and code a robot from scratch. The program interface is free for download from the Neulog site as indicated in the Sensemake package. SENSE make has an advanced controller unit to accept inputs and give outputs. Any of the 45 Neulog sensors can be plugged into SENSEMAKE and programmed as desired. Sense Make Includes: (1) Building Platform called brain unit base, (2) Large Wheels, (1) Micro-USB Cable, (2) Wheel Mounting Brackets, (6) Perpendicular Mounting Brackets, (1) Large mountable bearing, (1) Pack of nuts, bolts, washers, (1) Pack of electrical connecting cords, (1) Phillips head screw driver, (1) Manual, (1) Buzzer, (1) Light Sensor, (1) Lamp, (1) Switch, (1) LED Board with 3 LEDs, (2) Tacts, (2) Drive Motors with leads, (2) Servo boards, (1) Installation CD, (2) Packs of various gear and servos accessories, (1) Small plastic box for small parts, (1) Neulog ROBO206 which allows connection, control, and programming of all SENSEMAKE accessories.

InstructionsNo instructions available online. Please contact us for further assistance.
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