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NeuLog Force Logger Sensor

This sensor can measure the mass to weight relationship and study how different pulley systems affect the effort needed to lift weights. It can also be used to measure push/pull forces and impacts. The force sensor is contained in a metal box. There is a hook at the bottom of the box that can be connected to various pulling loads. A simple bumper (for push/impact measurements) could be made and attached using a bolt which is placed through a length of plastic tubing. The sensor can be hung from a universal laboratory stand via a rod through the hole in its box. This sensor can be operated either facing upwards, downwards, or any intermediate (including horizontal) position.

Sensor Zeroing:
Connect the sensor to a voltage source (NeuLog's Bridge, Display Unit or Battery Unit). To zero the reading, just press the sensor's push-button for about 3 seconds.

*Requires connection hardware, sold separately.

Experiment Duration: 50 milliseconds to 31 days.

Operation Modes:
Range | ADC Resolution | Resolution | Max Sample Rate (S/sec):
+/- 10 N, 10 bit, 0.01 N, 3000
+/- 50 N, 10 bit, 0.01 N, 3000


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