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NeuLog Conductivity Logger Sensor

This logger sensor is based on a probe with two flat electrodes with known surface area and distance between them. A signal is supplied to the electrodes and by testing the signal behavior, the conductivity of the solution is calculated.

The logger sensor has three ranges for displaying the solution conductivity:
μs/cm – micro Siemens per centimeter
mg/L – milli gram per Liter
ppm - part per million

*Requires connection hardware, sold separately.

Experiment Duration: 1 second to 31 days.

Operation Modes:
Range | ADC Resolution | Resolution | Max Sample Rate (S/sec):
0-2000 μs/cm, 10 bit, 0.1 μs/cm, 100
2000-20000 μs/cm, 10 bit, 1 μs/cm, 100
0-1000 mg/L, 10 bit, 0.1 mg/L, 100
1000-18000 μs/cm, 10 bit, 1 mg/L, 100
0-1000 ppm, 10 bit, 0.1 ppm, 100
1000-18000 ppm, 10 bit, 1 ppm, 100


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