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12pc Cylindrical Bars Density ID Set - Includes Hardwood, Softwood, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Rubber, Nylon, Derlin, PVC, Glass, Acrylic & Teflon

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Set of 12 cylindrical bars in a variety of materials for identification exercises and exploration of density, mass and volume. Materials included: Hardwood, Softwood, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Rubber, Nylon, Derlin, PVC, Glass, Acrylic & Teflon. Each cylinder is the same diameter, 0.5" (12.5mm) but each has a different length. Set includes a wooden storage block.
Excellent for physics classrooms.
Set includes a complete manual that describes the basics of density, mass and volume, and instructions for making calculations. Required materials (NOT included): Weight device capable of tenths of grams (i.e. spring scale or digital balance) and a metric ruler or caliper.

Due to the nature of raw metals, some oxidation or corrosion due to humidity and storage may occur. Simply scuff any oxidation off to make the item look brand new again. These density metals are designed to be used in an educational setting and are not fabricated using ultra high precision machining. Expect tolerances in the +/- 5% range of any stated dimensions (although they are generally much tighter).

The Eisco Labs Density Investigation series is intended to help learners become familiar with appearance, feel, texture, hardness and density of a range of common substances in addition to providing them the tools to identify and figure out mass, understand the relationship between mass, volume & density, to understand specific heat and specific gravity and provide them with quality introductory physics and chemistry concepts
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