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Whitley Bay Smoke Cell Kit - Demonstrates Brownian Motion

  • Ingenious apparatus for observing Brownian motion in smoke particles. Great for physics classrooms studying kinetic theory
  • All optical components are pre-set at the optimal distance to focus light into the smoke cell
  • Integral flanges on the plastic housing are provided as securing points for microscope stage clips
  • Kit includes (1) plastic molded box with lead plugs and sliding lid that houses the smoke cell and optical components, (1) squeeze bottle and (1) delivery tube for injecting smoke, coverslips, and instructions.
  • A 12V DC power supply and compound microscope are required but not supplied

The Whitney Bay Smoke Cell Kit is an ingenious device for visualizing Brownian Motion in gases. A molded plastic box is fitted with a cylindrical perspex condensing lens, an LED bulb, and a smoke cell. A 12V DC power supply (not included) is plugged into the lead terminals on the box. Smoke is introduced into the system via a squeeze bottle and delivery tube attached to an inlet on the box. Brownian movement resulting from the random impact of molecules is obverved through a compound microscope (not included). Includes instructions. Size of chamber: 4"L x 2.7"W x 1"H.

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