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Eisco Labs Precision Complete 58 Piece 2m Air Track System, all parts and air blower included

  • Cost effective system for the study of all aspects of dynamics
  • Ideal for classroom use
  • Virtually Friction Free for accurate demonstrations
  • Designed to accept standard slotted masses
  • Blower provides constant air pressure for linear air track - 110v

Absolutely everything needed to set up and run this air track as a nearly friction-less environment. System will cover all fundamentals of dynamics and newtons laws, motion, force, momentum, conservation of energy, etc. No need to spend hours piecing together systems, everything is included. System can be used with any photogates (Neulog, Vernier, Pasco, Fourier, etc.).

2m Air track (1)
Blower and Plug for air track (1)
100gm Slider with mounting bracket (2)
Attachment Nuts (1)
Spring Attachments (4)
Connection Bracket (for springs, string, etc.) (4)
2 inch spring (2)
4 inch spring (2)
Male Verlco Bumper (2)
Female Velcro Bumper (2)
Friction-less Pulley and Bracket (2)
String (20 feet)
5gm slotted masses (9)
Slotted Mass hanger (1)
Photogate Interruption Screens (8)
Elastic Launching Cradle / Bumper (1)
12.5 gm Slider masses (4)
25 gm Slider masses (4)
Photogate/accessory attachment arm (2)
Leveling Feet (3)
Air Input Valve (1)
Measuring Meter on track (1)

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