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Energy Transfer Apparatus - Malvern Motor/Generator - Eisco Labs

  • Mounted driving unit or dynamo
  • 2 -6V DC motor and 15mm V pulley
  • Mounted on base with 4mm terminal socket
  • Great for use as a tool for studying the input/output of larger motors on a comparative level
  • Base size is 6x4"

2 - 6V D.C. motor provided with 15 mm diameter 'V? pulley. Mounted on base with 4mm socket terminals. Use in conjunction with PH0467B to Base size is 4x6" The Malvern Energy Transfer Kit is comprised of a number of separately available units which enable the user to qualitatively show energy conversion from one form to another in a variety of different ways. All units are carried on a base and provided with 4 mm socket terminals where appropriate. For use as a driving unit /dynamo. Comprises 2 - 6V D.C. motor provided with 15 mm diameter 'V? pulley.

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