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4 Stroke Diesel Hand Crank Model with Actuating Movable Parts to Demonstrate Engine Basics - 16" Tall - Eisco Labs

SKU PH0492
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  • Functioning Parts: Crankshaft, cam, cam gear, connecting rods, piston, intake/exhaust valves, rocker arms, push rods, fuel pump.
  • Ignition light and glow plug can be activated by using a 6V power supply
  • Identifiable parts: Crank Case, Crank Shaft, Connecting Rod, Cylinder, Piston, Intake Valve, Exhaust Valve, Pestle Shaft, Glow Candle, Swing Lever, Exhaust Manifold/Pipe, Cam Shaft Gear, Injection Pump, Governor Spindle, Supply Line, Cylinder Pump, Piston Pump, Pressure Vale, Delivery Pipe, Suction Sub, Air Filter, Injection Nozzle, Nozzle Body, Nozzle Needle, Pressure Bolt, Pressure Socket, Oil Return
  • Turn the hand crank on this model and you will see all the functioning stages of a 4 stroke diesel motor
  • Made of cast alloys and abs plastic, built for years of demonstrations

4 Stroke diesel hand crank model with actuating movable parts to demonstrate engine basics - 16" Tall. The perfect model for a student of the automotive world or an automotive enthusiast. This model works by cranking the main shaft by hand which then actuates all the parts of the motor to show the stages of a 4 stroke diesel motor firing.

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