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Equilateral Prism, 6x1" - Glass - Useful for Experiments in Optics, Light Refraction & Wavelengths - Eisco Labs

  • Equilateral prism made of optical quality glass
  • Will create a rainbow with any standard light source (led from a phone will work)
  • Designed for physics and educational uses. Because of their educational use design, there may be minor imperfections that do not affect physical function
  • Great for photography lighting effects
  • Prism measures 6" (150mm) long and each face measures 1" (25mm)

Equilateral prism, made of optical quality glass. Excellent tool for optical experiments, and can be used for photography lighting effects as well. Prisms will create a nice rainbow (even in room light) by using the simple led light of a smart phone (such as an iPhone). User will need to create a small slit in a black piece of paper and use that slit in front of the led which will create a light ray. The prisms will then refract the white light and create a nice rainbow on a target away from the prism. The farther away you move the target the bigger the rainbow gets and the more distinct colors the user can see. A great tool for teaching optics or for just having fun.
This equilateral prism measures 6" (150mm) long and each face measures 1" (25mm).

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