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EISCO High Quality, Standard Spectrometer

SKU PH0619
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  • Quality, precision manufactured
  • Diffraction grating holder
  • Rotatable prism table
  • Affordably priced for the classroom
  • Astronomical type telescope with ramsden eyepiece

Includes: (1) Spectrometer

An economically priced, high-quality, precision manufactured instrument capable of quantitative work.

The main structural parts of this laboratory grade spectrometer, including the collimator and telescope bodies are manufactured from heavy castings for durability and precision.

This lab-quality spectrometer offers excellent quality at a price that every classroom can afford.

The collimator consists of an adjustable slit on one end, with an achromatic converging lens (focal length 178mm) on the other. The lens is secured in a tube which can be adjusted by hand to ensure the slit is in the focal plane of the lens, thus producing parallel rays. Scale: 170mm diameter, 0 to 360deg x 1deg, capable of independent rotatation, with locking screw. A spring-loaded vernier scale (attached to the telescope mount) provides readings to 0.1deg (6 minutes of arc). Collimator mounted on fixed pillar with axis adjustment.
The collimator is mounted on a spring loaded support, integral with the base.

Prism Table
The prism table is mounted on a 175mm diameter circular degree scale. The scale is rotatable around the central axis and is provided with a clamping screw. Prism table is provided with three leveling screws and has lines marked to assist with precise placement of prism.

The astronomical type telescope consists of an achromatic objective at one end, and a Ramsden’s eyepiece with cross wires. The position of the lens can be adjusted by hand. The telescope is mounted on heavy bearings, and can be rotated around the central axis of the apparatus. A clamping screw allows fixing of the telescope position, and a tangent screw allows fine movement. A vernier scale allows the position of the telescope to be read to a precision of 0.1°.

Spectrometer is supplied in durable thermocole box. Includes working instructions.

Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.2 x 11 inches

Weight: 10.9 pounds

Standard Accessories:
1-prism clamp for prisms up to 40mm high
1 diffraction grating holder, aperture 25 x 25mm
1 small screwdriver
1 tommy bar for axis adjustment
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