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Stroboscope, 110/120V AC, 60 Hz


This high power 20W Xenon unit gives a bright white light with frequencies within 3 ranges 1-10 Hz, 10-100 Hz and 100-300 Hz. Output energy per flash is virtually constant across any one frequency range. A cylindrical mirror behind the tube produces a very even spread of light while the triggering system can be used to cause a flask upon the opening of a contact or the input of an electrical signal from mechanical switches, light sensors and sound switches for example. The short duration of the flash gives sharp pictures of objects which are moving very quickly. When using the stroboscope in multi-flash photography, no changes in exposure are needed when changing the strobe frequency within a range. Ideal for use with the Vibration Generator and Accessories.
Energy output per Flash : 1.3J on 1-10 Hz range;
0.2J on 10-100 Hz range;
0.1J on 100-300 Hz range .
Power : Mains Operated with On/Off switch and 500 mA fuse provided
for input protection.

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