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Force Oscillation and Resonance Demonstration Kit - Explore the Physics of Vibrations, Force, Energy Transfer, Motion and More - Eisco Labs

  • Force Oscillation and Resonance Demonstration kit, complete with weights and springs
  • Explore the Physics of Vibrations, Force, Energy Transfer, Motion and More
  • Speed control adjustable, 6V motor
  • Shows vibration of an object when repeated impulses are applied
  • Includes instructional guide and experiment examples

The Forced Oscillation and Resonance Apparatus is a very clever device for demonstrating the principles of resonate vibrations. These vibrations, which can do tremendous damage, quite often remain invisible or unnoticed until their destructive nature becomes apparent. This principle, however, can also be put to very constructive use such as radio and television tuners, musical instruments, super accurate watches, and thousands of other everyday items. Understanding the nature of resonance has also helped to combat its sometimes destructive behavior by building shock and damping systems of buildings during earthquakes. The knowledge has been used to construct noise-canceling systems for car mufflers and industrial plants. It also has been incorporated in stabilizers for automotive engines so that they run smoother.

Kit designed to show the vibration of an object when repeated impulses are applied, this demonstrator consists of two weights of different natural frequencies, two cams driven by a 6V motor with speed control, and four springs. The speed control is used to adjust the frequency of applied force for resonance, so a greater degree of variance is possible.

Included in kit: Force Oscillation and Resonance Apparatus, 2 small springs (0.4") with looped ends, 2 medium springs (1") with looped ends, one large spring (2.5"), large weight (1.5"), smaller weight (1.25"), and instructional guide.

Apparatus measures 18" tall, 6.5" wide and 4" long. Base measures 10" wide and 7" long.

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