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EISCO Floating Ring Magnet Set with Wooden Base

  • MAGNETIC POLES || Eisco's floating ring magnet set demonstrates the polarity of magnets, showing how opposites attract and like poles repel from one another.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS || The wooden dowel stand measures 5.9" x 4" x 4". The set includes five ceramic ring magnets, each measuring approximately 1.3" in diameter.
  • SAFETY & HANDLING || Magnets can become demagnetized when struck against something or repolarized when brought near another strong magnet or magnetic field. Magnets can also erase tape and credit card strips. Keep all magnets away from any electronic equipment.

This floating ring magnet set demonstrates magnetic repulsion. It is comprised of five ceramic ring magnets, 32mm external diameter, with a 150mm tall wooden base.

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