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EISCO Electostatics Kit

SKU PH0900
EISCO Electrostatics Kit

This kit is ideal for small group experiments in electrostatics. The set is built around the special, dual-purpose electroscope, which in addition to being useful for general electrostatic experiments, is capable of performing measurements of the activity of weak radio-active materials. Positive and negative charges can be produced with included acetate strips and woolen cloths.

A great variety of experiments can be performed including determining types of charge, measuring the amount of conducted or induced charge with the gold leaf electroscope or by using the polystyrene spheres as hollow conductors, and using the proof plane to investigate the distribution of charges on conductors.

The kit comes with 19 components:
  • 1 Electroscope with top plate and hook electrode
  • 1 Packet of gold leaves
  • 4 Metallized polystyrene spheres
  • 1 Reel of very fine nylon thread
  • 2 Polythene plate, 75mm square
  • 1 Electrophorus plate, 50mm diameter with insulating handle
  • 1 Proof Plane
  • 2 Aluminum Calorimeters
  • 1 Cellulose acetate strip
  • 1 Polythene strip with woolen rubber
  • 1 Stirrup for suspending strip
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