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Dry Field Mapping Kit - for Experiments in Visualizing Electric Fields - Eisco Labs

  • Easily visualize electric fields generated by electrodes of your own design. Simply draw your electrodes, hook up a battery to generate the electric fields, and use a Multimeter or voltmeter to map out the equipotential surfaces.
  • Then connect equipotential field lines to generate electric fields.
  • Kit contains conductive paint, conductive and non-conductive graph paper, D-cell battery holder, corkboard, push pins, circle template, and 4 colored leads with alligator clips,
  • Multimeter or Voltmeter required.
  • D-cell battery not included

Electric fields can be a difficult concept to grasp - but not with this kit! You can simply draw electric fields for electrode configurations of your own design and hook up a battery. By mapping out equipotential lines with a Multimeter you can very quickly draw electric field lines. No calculation required! Draw a picture, draw your name, draw anything you like! You can easily find the electric fields. Kit includes: conductive paint, conductive graph paper (25 sheets) and matching non-conductive graph paper (100 sheets), leads with alligator clips, metal and plastic push pins, D-cell battery holder, protractor. Use at home or with a large classroom. You can even visualize dipoles and quadrupoles by using only the push pins. D-cell battery and digital Multimeter not included. Ages 8 and up.

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