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DC Galvanometer, Moving Coil - 500-0-500 uA

  • Provides highly-sensitive and reliable measurement of DC currents with ±2.5% accuracy. Range of 500-0-500 uA with 20uA subdivisions
  • Durable plastic case encloses internal components. Acrylic cover protects the calibrated scale
  • External calibrating screw for zero adjustment
  • 5-way binding posts accommodate banana plugs, bare wire, alligator clips, and other lead connection methods
  • Analog Galvanometer is an ideal choice for science classrooms, testing labs, and shops

Moving Coil DC Galvanomater shows both the direction and magnitude of a current. A durable plastic case protects the internal components while an acrylic cover protects the calibarated scale. Features an external calibrating screw for zero adjustment and two 5-way binding posts for leads. Size: 5"L x 3.5"W x 3.25"H

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