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Visual Scientifics Experiment Starter Pack - 6 Piece Set - 5 Experiment Component Kits & Magnetic Base - Visual Scientifics by Eisco

  • The ultimate Visual Scientifics starter pack - includes 5 experiment component kits and magnetic base
  • Engaging activities for science and physics classrooms
  • Pack includes the magnetic base, Hooke's Law Kit, Collisions in 2D, Incline Plane, Loop Kit & Pendulum.
  • Includes laboratory manuals and student worksheets
  • Various accessories, including the photogate system (PHVSPGS) and the Visual Scientifics Magnetic Back Board (PHVSBACK), graphing software and experiment extensions are required/recommended for the included experiments

Visual Scientifics 6 Piece Starter Kit

This kit includes:

  • Visual Scientifics Magnetic Base
  • Hooke's Law Kit (PHVSHOKL)
  • Collisions in 2D (PHVS2SCO)
  • Incline Plane (PHVSIPCR)
  • Loop Kit (PHVSLOP)
  • Pendulum Kit (PHVSPEN)

Visual Scientifics systems are designed for Grades 9-14. (Ages 14-21), and provide a variety of learning activities - algebra-based through advanced mechanics. All metal, magnetic base will withstand many years of student use. Grid works with multiple video analysis tools. Precise module mounting for accurate results, easy for students to set up and learn to use. Engaging content aligned with National Science Education Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

This set includes magnetic base, and component kits for each of the experiment system sets included. Graphing software, photogate systems and experiment extensions not included.

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