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Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Teacher Set - 290 Pieces

SKU SET00607
  • Molecular model set containing 290 pieces for making organic compounds
  • Set consists of 122 atoms and 168 links for demonstrating single, double, and triple covalent bonds
  • Set includes a link removal tool, making disassembly easier
  • Detailed instructions with pictures of several organic and inorganic molecules are included
  • Contents come in a durable plastic storage box

This 290-piece molecular model set affords a visual demonstration of advanced organic chemistry topics . The set includes 122 atoms with are color-coded and vary in size representing the different elements; and 168 links for demonstring single, double, and triple covalent bonds. A link removal tool is provided to aid with disassembly. The included instruction manual provides a key to the various atoms and links, as well as molecular structures and model photos of several organic compounds. A durable hard plastic case measuring 9.3"L x 6.7"D x 2.3"H is provide to store the components.

Included Pieces
26 Carbon (black, 4 holes)
6 Carbon (black, 3 holes)
6 Carbon (black, 5 holes)
42 Hydrogen (white, 1 hole)
12 Oxygen (red, 2 holes)
6 Nitrgen (blue, 4 holes)
2 Sulfur (yellow, 2 holes)
4 Phosphorus (purple, 4 holes)
12 Halogen (green, 1 hole)
2 Metal (grey, 1 hole)
2 Metal (grey, 2 holes)

Included Links
6 2D-orbital, grey
6 2D-orbital, pink
60 Medium, grey
30 Long Flexible, grey
66 Short, white

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