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Ultimate Lab Starter Kit

  • Perfect lab starter kit
  • Includes everything you would want to begin a home lab

Includes: 20 X 12.5cm Powder Coated Metal Base with Rubber Feet,600mm Stainless Steel Rod (Threaded for Base),Beaker Tongs,Crucible Tongs,Tripod Stand,Bosshead,Test Tube Clamp,Sheet Metal Test Tube Stand,Cork Lined Test Tube Holder,Test Tube Brush,Stainless Steel S

Ultimate Lab Starter Kit

20 X 12.5cm Powder Coated Metal Base with Rubber Feet, 600mm Stainless Steel Rod (Threaded for Base), Beaker Tongs, Crucible Tongs, Tripod Stand, Bosshead, Test Tube Clamp, Sheet Metal Test Tube Stand, Cork Lined Test Tube Holder, Test Tube Brush, Stainless Steel Spatula, 2 Polypropylene 100ml graduated cylinders, 2 Polypropylene 500ml beakers, 50ml Acrylic Burette, 250 ml borosilicate Erlenmeyer flask, 14 X 12 X 11 cm cleaning/drying basket

Whether you are trying to create your own bio diesel fuel in your garage, or are staring at an empty lab bench and you need to do a titration tomorrow this is your perfect starter kit. This Kit contains everything you need to set up, tear down, and clean any basic experiment in chemistry.

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