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Vibration Generator - Eisco Labs

  • Maximum Peak to Peak Displacement: 7 to 8 mm at 1 Hz, decreasing with increase in frequency
  • Total Frequency Range: 1 to 5 KHz
  • Coil Impedance: 3 Ω at 50Hz
  • Vibration Generator can be used in any position, free standing or clamped
  • Recommended Function Generator: PH1296N9

The vibration generator is basically a loud speaker. A coil wound on a thin tube moves within a permanent magnetic field when current of an altering nature is applied. The frequency response encompasses the whole of the audio spectrum and beyond. Electrical input is made via two 4mm sockets and the mechanical output is provided by a shaft. The unit gives mechanical oscillations when fed by signals from an oscillator / A.F. amplifier or Power Signal Generator.

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