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NeuLog Graphic Display Module

In case you don't wish to use a PC, there's the VIEW-101 Graphic display unit (GDU). The unit's touch-screen interface along with an intuitive and attractive graphics enables you to set up an experiment in a speedy and simple fashion. It records the gathered data from up to 5 different sensors at a time, and displays it in both digital and graph forms. The Graphic Display Unit is used when a PC is not available for each group. It can work with up to 5 sensors in parallel. When the GDU VIEW-101 receives power, it starts scanning and identifies the connected sensors. The located sensors are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Some of the unit's features are:
- Automatic recognition of sensors
- Uses preset experiment parameters for easy initiation.
- Communicates with all the sensors or one at a time.
- Controls each sensor's range and measurement units.
- Internal charging circuit is incoporated.
- Mode to view sensor values in real time - up to five at a time.
- Automatic Power-Off for longer battery life.
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