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About Eisco Scientific

Eisco Scientific, Electronic Instrumentation, started over 50 years ago as a small, family-owned manufacturing company serving the science education marketplace. Since then we have grown into a multinational corporation with headquarters located in the United States that serve hundreds of distributors in over 100 countries throughout the world.  Our mission is simple;  to be TRUSTED by educators, researchers, and scientists throughout the world to design, manufacture, and DELIVER products that allow LEARNING and the development of scientific knowledge.



We produce over 6,500 unique product lines for the science education and scientific research markets.  Our core product lines include:

  • Physics – Whether you are studying forces and motion or Schrödinger’s wave equation, we have the apparatus and experiments you need to study those topics and everything in between. Our business started with physics and these products remain a strong product line today.
  • Chemistry & Lab Supplies – It takes a lot of supplies and equipment to study chemistry. It has been said that if you tipped a chemistry classroom upside down, everything that falls out that is not a chemical is a product we manufacture. That includes beakers, burners, tongs, and anything made of glass, plastic, metal, ceramic or cork.
  • Biology –We provide everything a biology classroom needs except for the specimens. Our product line ranges from hundreds of anatomical models, to dissecting equipment, to microscopes and slides.
  • Glassware –We manufacture every piece of glassware you can find in a lab. Our glassware meets various international standards, including ISO and ASTM, and is made from borosilicate 3.3 glass.





     Sumit Jain

    CEO - Electronic Instrumentation / Eisco

    Over my last 18 years in this business I have taken great pride in providing quality science education products to people throughout the world.  I am pleased that this year we are simply articulating our mission as Trust | Deliver | Learn.  Our company started with customer's trust in us to manufacture products and provide services so students throughout the world could learn.  Every year we reinvest our growth back into the company to increase our service to the market.  In the last 3 years we have added a distribution facility in North America, increased production capabilities, capacity, and expanded our research and development team.

    This year I am especially excited to announce our new logo as the cornerstone of new services and products we will be offering to our customers via our new website.  The website has functionality to serve both distributors and teachers and I invite you to register online with us.

    Thank you for your continued trust and business and we promise to keep manufacturing and delivering science products with increased efficiency and passion.

    - Sumit Jain





    Ben Pearson

    GM - Commercial Operations, Research & Development

    Being a former educator and research scientist, and coming from a family of educators, it is important to me that students all over the world have access to quality science education products at reasonable prices.  Students who are able to learn science with hands on experiments create a stronger knowledge base to build a better world of tomorrow.  I hope that some day the people who cure cancer, or find solutions to hunger and poverty were inspired by using Eisco products to do experiments in the classroom.

    I am excited this year to announce several new product lines from the R&D department, such as Eisco Sensors, Safer Bunsen Burners, a wide variety of kits, and over 3,000 new pages of technical guides.

    I appreciate your trust in our company and all that you do to teach science education throughout the world.

    - Ben