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Eisco receives prestigious ASE Green Tick

Eisco LabGlass has recently earned the prestigious ASE Green Tick, a testament to its commitment to quality and suitability for educational purposes. This article delves into the significance of this achievement, especially for UK science teachers and technicians seeking reliable laboratory glassware. However, this distinguished evaluation is relevant to scientists, lab technicians, lab managers, and science educators around the globe.

What is the ASE Green Tick?

The ASE Green Tick is an evaluation scheme by the Association for Science Education (ASE) designed to assess the quality of science education resources. Products that meet their rigorous criteria receive this mark of approval, aiding educators in making informed purchasing decisions.

Eisco LabGlass: Meeting the Standards

Eisco LabGlass products, including beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders, and more, have undergone thorough testing and evaluation. These items are manufactured with high quality borosilicate 3.3 glass, indicating compliance with BS ISO 3585 standards for borosilicate glass, crucial for laboratory glassware's durability and safety.

Key Features of Eisco LabGlass Products

  • Durability and Quality: Eisco LabGlass products are noted for their robustness and consistent quality, essential for frequent laboratory use.
  • Calibration and Standards Compliance: The volumetric apparatus is calibrated in an ISO17025-compliant laboratory, ensuring accuracy and reliability​.
  • Variety of Options: Eisco LabGlass offers a range of products with options for glass or plastic stoppers and different tap materials, catering to diverse laboratory needs​.

Importance for UK Educators and Technicians

  • Compliance with UK and International Standards: While UK educators might be less familiar with ASTM standards predominantly used in the US, Eisco LabGlass ensures compliance with BS, BS EN, and ISO standards, which are more relevant to UK science educators and laboratories​.
  • Quality Control and Safety: Educators are encouraged to understand that good quality control in manufacturing is crucial for ensuring the glassware's longevity and safety​, essential to quality for your students.

The ASE Green Tick for Eisco LabGlass marks a significant achievement, providing science educators and technicians in the UK with a reliable choice for laboratory glassware. This endorsement not only underscores the quality and safety of Eisco LabGlass products but also supports educators in delivering effective and practical science education.

Learn More

For detailed insights and the full evaluation of Eisco LabGlass products, visit the ASE Green Tick evaluation page on ASE's official website and


Eisco at the 2023 India Lab Expo

Eisco Industrial attended the India Lab Expo 2023 at the Hitex Expedition Centre in Hyderabad, India this past 14-16 September. We had the opportunity to showcase our high-quality labware and meet many great customers.

We express our gratitude to all partners and customers who dropped by our booth. Contact us at if you would like to learn more about Eisco products.

Eisco Scientific Receives Customer Support and Supply Chain Honors From Fisher Scientific For 2020


Eisco Scientific was recognized by Fisher Scientific for the Best Sales Support and Best Supply Management in 2020. This marks the 7th consecutive year that Eisco Scientific was honored as a top distributor by Fisher Scientific.

Eisco was selected for the Best Sales Support award by members of the Fisher Scientific sales team for providing outstanding sales support, innovative new products, differentiated selling tools and a collaborative selling approach in addition to exhibiting a strong focus on customer service.  

The Best Supply Management award was presented for achieving 2020 service goals in addition to votes from the Fisher Scientific supply chain team for outstanding customer-focused service, a dedication to excellence, and specific supply chain metrics including LOTC - lines on time complete.  We have worked diligently and are especially proud of maintaining a strong LOTC!



Eisco Goggle Sanitizing Cabinet is subject of white paper focused on UVC Irradiance & Dosage


Our improved goggle Sanitizing Cabinet (GGSN10) has been in high demand in recent months due to increased school and laboratory safety and sanitation requirements. In this white paper, we provide measurements of the UVC irradiance and dose delivered in the Eisco Goggle Sanitizing Cabinet

Goggle Sanitizer (GGSN10) UVC Irradiance & Dosage



Eisco Scientific Honored As 2019 Supplier of the Year by Fisher Scientific


Eisco Scientific was awarded with the 2019 Supplier of the Year award by Fisher Scientific for their outstanding performance in 2019.  This is the top honor awarded by Fisher Scientific each year and represents the third time that Eisco Scientific has received this distinction over the past 5 years.  Eisco was also presented with the Outstanding Sales Support and Best Supply Chain Management awards for 2019 as well.



Eisco Scientific Receives Multiple Awards From Fisher Scientific for 2018 Performance


At Eisco Scientific we strive to live up to our mission statement each and every day. 

Trust | Deliver | Learn

We work hard to be a trusted supplier of science education and laboratory supplies, deliver products on time in addition to top notch customer support, and we are proud that our innovative products enable hands on science exploration and learning for students and scientists throughout the world.

We are honored to once again be recognized by Fisher Scientific for our efforts.  Eisco Scientific was recognized with the 2018 Fisher Science Education Awards of Excellence for Best Sales Support and Highest Sales Growth.  Eisco would like to thank the Fisher Science Education team for their support as well as the teachers, students, and scientists that trust and use our products to explore their own innovative ideas.


Eisco Scientific Awarded 2017 Supplier of the Year by Thermo Fisher Scientific


Eisco Scientific was awarded with a 2017 Supplier of the Year award at Thermo Fisher Scientific's recent National Sales Meeting.  This is the second year in a row that Eisco Scientific has been honored with this award.  Eisco Scientific was in the ranked in the top 3 for LOTC, Sales Growth, and Sales Support.

Eisco Scientific Wins Again


For the second time in 3 years Eisco Scientific has won Fisher Scientific's Award of Excellence for Best Supply Chain Management.  This award is given only to one manufacturer a year.  It is awarded based on data which shows the supplier who has obtained the highest metric service levels for an entire year.  We are very proud to have won this award once again, showing our dedication to Trust | Deliver | Learn.