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Owl Pellet Bone Identification & Instructions


  • Synthetic Eisco Scientific owl pellet
  • Flat surface or dissection tray
  • Tweezers or dissection tools
  • Small magnifying glass
  • Paper towels or tissues (optional)*
  • Waste disposal bags (optional)*

*Optional if you'd like to simulate a "real" owl pellet


  1. Prepare: Put on gloves and set up a clean workspace.
  2. Inspect Pellet: Observe its size, shape, and visible contents.
  3. Position Pellet: Place it on your surface or tray.
  4. Dissect: Gently break apart the pellet with tools. Avoid damaging contents.
  5. Identify: Examine bones and fur. Group bones using the identification chart and vole, mouse, and bird models. Use a magnifying glass for details.
  6. Record: Note or sketch your findings. Use the above bone guide to identify the prey.
  7. Dispose: Place waste in a bag for disposal.
  8. Clean Up: Discard gloves and clean your tools and tray.
  9. Reflect: Consider what you learned about owl diets and ecosystems.