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Human Testicle Model, Three Dimensional, with Hand Painted Details - Mounted on Stand, 9" tall - Eisco Labs

  • Model includes Testicle, Rod and Base for display
  • Mounted on 5" X 5" base . Approx. 9" tall
  • Numbered with English Key Card.
  • Hand painted Model with details and identification numbers
  • Perfect for any classroom.

This model provides a three dimensional, cross sectional view of the human testicle. Anatomically accurate details make this item an excellent study tool that works perfect in any classroom. The model, which is hand-painted for accurate representation, is numbered and includes a key card for identifying features. Detachable base.

Without base, this model measures 6.75" tall, 2.75" long and 4" wide. Base measures 5" long, 5" wide and 1" tall. When model is mounted on base, it stands 9" tall.

Raised, hand painted details provide students with a kinesthetic, visual learning tool. Model allows for a three dimensional view of anatomical features front to back and top to bottom.

Details Identified: Testis, Ductus deferens, Body of epididymis, Head of epididymis, Tail of epididymis, Effrent ductules, Rete testis Tunica albungine, Septae (or septula testis) and Lobule.

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